Practice Areas

We advise and represent companies and individuals in all areas of economic law, especially also in the areas of trade law, general contract law, very often in an international context, company law and M&A.

We were especially able to obtain an abundance of experience in regard to the following topics:

Company Law:

  • Structuring of intended business activities, including also the choice of the best suited place of business and choice of the ideal legal form;
  • Establishment of entities;
  • Drafting of Shareholder and/or Investment Agreements;
  • Reorganization, restructuring and capitalization changes of businesses;
  • Advising the management and the board of companies, personal advice to business owners;
  • Providing advice in regard to corporate governance and the execution of companies’ general assemblies;
  • Providing advice in regard to shareholders’ rights;
  • Liquidation of entities.

Complex Contracts and Projects:

  • Distributorship Agreements;
  • License, Agent, and Commission Agreements;
  • Sale/Purchase Agreements;
  • Contracts for Services;
  • Production Agreements;
  • Development Cooperation Agreements;
  • Project Contracts and Joint Venture Agreements;
  • Various types of Collaboration Agreements;
  • Design/Architecture Agreements;
  • Employment Agreements, including Dispatch Agreements;
  • Drafting of General Terms and Conditions.